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Constellation is a platform to orchestrate and interconnect your programs and devices. It makes the real-time communication possible between them and outward. With Constellation, add ambient intelligence to all your connected objects!

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Connect and add intelligence to all your devices, programs, scripts and web pages.

Process Orchestration

Deploy sentinels to your devices, publish packages and manage where each package should run


Anything connected to the Constellation can send and receive messages in real time very easily.

State Objects

State of the lights, current temperature, currently played sound, amps volume, .. are all StateObjects

Packages library

Free packages to download : Nest, Z-Wave, NetAtmo, FitBit, XBMC/Kodi, Paradox, etc…

Multiple APIs

.NET API, Javascript API, Python API, .NET Microframework and REST API for other devices & languages


Constellation SDK available for Microsoft Visual Studio

A new perspective for all your projects

With Constellation, the interconnection of your software and hardware is very easy and allows you to do more faster

constellation package lib

Getting started

Go to the Constellation Developer Portal to learn how to deploy your Constellation, download packages built by the community and develop on the Constellation platform


About Constellation

Constellation is a platform that allows you to connect any type of program or thing very easily and quickly!

Built with .NET

Run on Windows and Linux with the Mono runtime.

Easy to use & manage

Develop & deploy packages from the web console.

Multiple API

.NET, Javascript, Arduino, .NET MF, Python, Powershell, REST, ….

Good for your projects

Connect anything with just a few lines of code and build all the scenarii you’ve ever wished for

Well documented

The knowledge base provides documentation for both the platform and all the APIs.

Professional support

You want to use Constellation in your professional projects? Contact us for premium support!

The Constellation platform makes the communication easier between all kind of objects or programs through simple APIs and real-time platform. Instead of developping a specific and complex client-server architecture, Constellation creates a simple and open bus !

Thus it becomes easy to create ambient intelligence with objects communicating together !

For example, your security system can automatically lower your thermostat when you leave your home.

Your media center can dim your lights when you watch a movie. Turn on the light of your desktop when your Windows session is unlocked or turn it off when you lock your session or close your PC.

Once your program or object is connected to the Constellation, you can imagine anything and create ambiant intelligence.

The vocation of a connected object is to be connected ! Today, thanks to Constellation you can add an extra dimension to your objects.

Forget the complexity of creating Web services, just connect it to the Constellation! Then, you can create Web pages to manage your connected objects or simply display the data it produces.

You can also use your object to communicate with other object, program, or service connected in the Constellation.

For example connect your Arduino to your Constellation and you can use it to drive Hue lamps, Pioneer amps, a scale Fitbit or anything around.

You have lots of devices? You are tired of having to connect to each machine via SSH or RDP to deploy your services, change the configuration or view the logs?

The Constellation platform allows you to deploy packages to all your Windows and Linux machines

By using the Webconsole you can start and stop packages remotely, update your services, change the configuration or view in real time the logs of each program.

A new version of your program to deploy on a Raspberry in your Constellation? Copy the package to your server and click on the button”Reload” from the Web Console ! Your program will automatically be deployed on your target Raspberry! One single click from a Web page!

As everything is API, you can also develop your own Constellation Control Center by using any of the available APIs in JavaScript, .Net, Python and more!

The Constellation platform was created by Sébastien Warin at the beginning of the year 2014

The first need was to simplify the orchestration of services on different machines (Intel NUC, virtual or physical server, Raspberry, etc.) from a central Web interface.

Then, the Constellation evolved into a hub of messages to enable the communication of all sorts of objects and services in a Home.

This made possible the creation of ambient intelligence !

Today Constellation interconnect Paradox security system, home automation (Vera / Z-Wave ), Phillips Hue, Samsung TVs, Pioneer Amps, Chromecast, NetAtmo weather station, Fitbit Aria,  APC Battery Saver, etc… and also home-made thing link The Mirror, S-Light (ambilight solution), S-Energy (energy monitor based on Arduino and Raspberry), etc…

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